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billy-vocals/guitar   brian bass/vocals  daisun drums/keyboard

jr.loader formed in the late fall of 1995,a ragtag bunch of Chicago
suburban kids out on a mission to rock the known universe.
The band was formed out of former member of apocalypse Hoboken
billy allen and former members of the senators brian and daisun.
The year of 1996 saw them doing zillions of shows all over this
great land of ours, also the band was getting a buzz because of
many high profile gigs around Chicago opening for many major
national acts. In 1997 the band recorded it's first LP with dyslexic
records a split with the teenage frames, 1998 was a hot year for them
as they laid down the beginings of what would amass into thirty odd
song for there long waited first real release.
The band giged steady all through that year and recorded when
possible, 1999 saw the band get signed to choke records and
galaxie sixty-seven records jointly,that marked the release of the
first full-lenght CD and the release of the second cd (threeyearhalf
life). In the year of 2000 the band came to differences and made
it's way apart from each other, this saw brian moving to California
and billy pursuing a new line of music, as daisun stayed active
in the local Chicago music sceen...........and that's all...
will there ever be more.........?